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D3 Tips and Tricks -- Free 366 Page eBook Interactive Data Visualization in a Web Browser.

Dairy Foods Is edited to provide dairy processors with ideas and technologies to increase productivity, maximize efficiencies and enhance profit margins in various product categories: cultured, cheese, fluid, and frozen.

Dark Web & Bitcoin: Global Terrorism Threat Assessment Find out how Terrorist Groups can anonymously communicate and move untraceable money.

Data Center Basics - Cisco UCS The Cisco UCS is a major step forward in data center development and creates numerous business and technical benefits.

Data Center Networking Demand for application availability has changed how applications are hosted in today's data center. Evolutionary changes have occurred throughout the various elements of the data center, starting with server and storage virtualization and also network virtualization.

Data Center Physical Infrastructure: Optimizing Business Value Learn how to optimize DCPI to improve its business value.

Data Governance Strategies Helping your Organization Comply, Transform, and Integrate Learn how to successfully navigate the unknown waters of Data Governance with these the best practice techniques.

Data Governance, Why It Matters to the Business Companies and government organizations of all sizes are striving to manage data as an enterprise asset, to be shared and reused across multiple software applications and systems, business processes, and users throughout the organization.

Data Governance: A Vitamin for Competitive Advantage Download our free eBook to learn how data governance can give you a competitive edge.

Data Governance: The Secret to Sustainable Regulatory Compliance Download our free eBook to learn how data governance eases the pain of BCBS 239, CCAR, and DFAST.

Data Integration for Business Users Data integration is no longer exclusively for IT--business users can take the lead.

Data Integrity and Accuracy: Does Your Benefits Administration Data Help or Hurt the Realization of Your Strategy? Key planning questions to ask of your benefits administration technology provider.

Data Lake Adoption and Maturity Survey Findings Today, the data lake is increasingly recognized as both a viable and compelling component within a data strategy, with companies large and small moving towards adoption.

Data Migration Solution Brief Outlines the key role of data migration in ERP instance consolidations, new packages, or custom applications implementations, and the upgrade process for existing application installations.

Data Protection: Quality Plus Fast ROI Save time, reduce cost, and limit risk.

Data Quality Business Case: Projecting Return on Investment with David Loshin Key business dimensions impacted and how to tackle and develop a business case justifying investment in data quality improvement.

Data Quality Business Case: Projecting Return on Investment, The The purpose of this White Paper is to outline the importance of data quality in today's business environment. It describes how an organization should tackle a data quality improvement process and where Informatica data quality software solutions fit into that process.

Data Quality Imperative in Governance, Risk and Compliance, The Organizations pay a significant price as a result of poor quality data. What percent of your data can you trust?

Data Quality, Compliance, and Risk for Financial Institutions Details recent regulations and how improving data quality is central to these initiatives and the success of today's financial institutions.

Data Quality, Compliance, and Risk for Financial Institutions Learn about an end-to-end data quality framework solution that will improve data quality for effective risk management and compliance in your organization.

Data Quality: Driving Single View of Customer Outlines data quality importance with reference to SVC and how poor data quality can hamper, delay and defeat organizations in implementing CRM and SVC.

Data Replication and CDP for IBM AIX Environments Learn the essentials of continuous data protection (CDP) and more.

Data Risk Assessment Tool Find out the value of unprotected data on your network.

Data Science & Business Intelligence - Salary & Skills Report What you need to know to earn more in data science and business intelligence.

Data Security for Retail Customers – Perceptions, Expectations and Potential Impacts Over the past few years, the personal information of millions of credit and debit card users has been jeopardized through data breaches at major retail stores, causing heightened concern and loss of sales. This situation is a uniquely challenging one for retailers, as they struggle to ensure that all customer data is fully secure and protected from any future breaches.

Data Storage Outlook Summary Report Data Storage Outlook™ recently conducted in-depth, face-to-face interviews with senior IT decision makers such as Chief Information Officers and Vice Presidents of IT.

Data-Aware Storage: The Answer to the Corporate Hoarding Conundrum It's a fact that these days companies are experiencing a mounting storage problem.

Data-Driven Content Marketing: An Introduction Boost Your Content Marketing Results with Data-Driven Strategies.

Data-Driven Marketer: The Power and Confidence to Let Data Drive Marketing, The What is strategic, continuous data management, and what does it really mean to be data-driven?

Data-Inspired Art of Growing Customer Relationships, The We've all heard of data-driven marketing. Learn how to be data-inspired.

Data-Inspired Art of Growing Customer Relationships, The We've all heard of data-driven marketing. Learn how to be data-inspired.

Data-Inspired Art of Sales Acceleration, The It's not just about getting prospects ready for sales. Get sales ready for prospects.

Data-Inspired Art of Sales Acceleration, The It's not just about getting prospects ready for sales. Get sales ready for prospects.

Data-Leakage, Regulatory Compliance & BYOD Learn the characteristics of a modern security solution for BYOD.

Database 101 For the computer novice who is trying to understand how a database works and what can be done with one.

Database Partitioning with MySQL: Improving Performance, Availability, and Manageability This reference card provides an overview of the MySQL database partitioning techniques and how these techniques lead to operational excellence.

David vs Goliath: The Talent Management Outlook in Midsized vs. Large Organizations In the 2014 Workforce Talent and Workforce Management Outlook survey, Human Capital Media Advisory Group, the research arm of Workforce magazine, in partnership with Cornerstone OnDemand set out to discover where HR leaders are seeing their greatest successes and feeling the greatest pain.

Dawn of a New Industry - Internet Video Production and Marketing, The Learn how to effectively produce online video marketing campaigns that can generate more leads and sales for your business.

Découvrez les raisons pour lesquelles un nombre toujours plus grand d'entreprises réussisent leur transition vers le cloud Vous avez sûrement entendu dire que la transition vers le cloud devient de plus en plus inéluctable. Que signifie cela pour vous ? Microsoft a chargé Spiceworks, un réseau de professionnels de l'informatique, de mener une enquête auprès de 250 professionnels de l'informatique travaillant au sein de PME pour savoir comment accroître la productivité en utilisant moins de ressources.

DCI Donor Services Focuses More Time on Saving and Enhancing Lives Thanks to a Secure IT Environment Discover how DCI Donor Services protected their physical and virtual server environments, user endpoints, and email.

DCS White Paper: You're Agile or You're Dead Market activity shows that manufacturing in North America and Western Europe won't die anytime soon, but some manufacturers will. The future belongs to the agile, and this White Paper is your survival guide.

DDoS Response Playbook This white paper provides you with a practical guide for planning and executing a DDoS response plan.

Dealerscope Gives their retail readers the knowledge they need to make the right decisions in the fast-moving consumer technology market.

Dealerscope Today Is the daily e-mail newsletter that provides you with the latest Consumer Electronics retail industry news.

Death of the Contact Center: Are the Rumors True? As consumers rapidly embrace the web and mobile devices for fast answers to questions, is the contact center finally on its way out?

Debatching Bulk Data – Free 33 Page Chapter A free sample chapter from Packt Enterprise's book: Applied Architecture Patterns on the Microsoft Platform.

Debug It!: Find, Repair, and Prevent Bugs in Your Code Professional programmers develop a knack of unerringly zeroing in on the root cause of a bug.

Debunking the Top 5 Security Implementation Myths Even if they know their companies' current security solution isn't effective, many IT managers are under the false impression that it's simply too complicated, costly and time consuming to make a change.

Debunking the Top Ten Myths About Network Monitoring Systems Learn the truth, critical mistakes, and best practices in choosing the best fit and system functionality for your business.

Decide: Work Smarter, Reduce Your Stress, and Lead by Example--Free Sample Chapter How to make better decisions and achieve your goals

Deck the Halls: Two Key Tactics to Preparing Your Contact Center for the Holiday Spikes Ready or not, the holidays are here! Is your contact center prepared for the holiday spike?

Dedicated SharePoint at Inova Health System Compliant Collaboration with SharePoint from Apptix.

Deep Visibility into Storage Systems with 1 Monitoring Tool Seattle Cancer Care Alliance uses Splunk to significantly reduce troubleshooting times.

Deeply Uncomfortable Questions Fearless Leaders Ask Themselves, The Ask yourself these questions to bring out your inner leader.

Defending the Email Infrastructure: Why Email Requires Comprehensive Protection Learn how deploying defenses against email threats at the gateway, the email server and the endpoint will close many security holes and minimize the impact on network and IT department resources.

Define Success in the Field by Choosing the Right Handheld Device Get clear on the competitive differentiation offered by devices designed for doing business.

Define Success in the Field by Choosing the Right Handheld Device for Mobile Healthcare Workers Get clear on the competitive differentiation offered by devices designed for doing business.

Define What's Valued Online: Understanding How BtoB Buyers Source, Value and Share Content Online Discover how content is consumed in today's marketplace, and what business decision makers trust online, and what type of content actually influences business decisions.

Defining Your Audience: A Step-by-Step Guide to Creating Buyer Personas Avoid wasting resources on strategies and messages targeted at the wrong audience.

Defining Your Localization Strategy: Choosing From the Spectrum of Language Service Providers Selecting the right Language Service Provider is critical to the success of your long term localization programs. Proper preparation as you evaluate vendors is key.

Definitions for the Real World of Big Data Marketing 9 terms you and your team need to know.

Definitive Guide to #HashtagCampaigns, The Ignite your marketing campaigns with hashtags and take advantage of the social layer.

Definitive Guide to Automated Competitive Price Comparison, The Get smarter about competitor and supplier pricing to build a competitive and strategic advantage. Understand the critical elements to choosing the right solution for your business needs.

Definitive Guide to Customer Identity Management Explore proven identity management strategies and best practices, illustrated with customer case studies.

Definitive Guide to Employee Advocate Marketing, The A seven step guide and checklist to ensure success.

Definitive Guide to High Precision GPS for Utilities, The Discover 5 ways mobile GPS data collection saves money and streamlines data flow between utility field crews and headquarters.

Definitive Guide to Mobile Data Collection, The Today's mobile enterprise needs simple ways to share and synchronize data from the field, with headquarters in real time.

Definitive Guide to Mobile Maps for Oil and Gas, The This guide shows you how oil and gas business units are using mobile data collection apps and portable maps to streamline the flow of petroleum intelligence.

Definitive Guide to Mobile Sales Enablement, The 70% of sales organizations using tablets are realizing a positive ROI. Learn how mobile is transforming the sales landscape in Mutual Mobile's Definitive Guide to Mobile Sales Enablement white paper.

Definitive Guide to Outsourcing Mobile App Development, The Companies today are using mobile apps to serve customers in new ways, create additional revenue streams, and solidify a lifetime of loyalty.

Definitive Guide to Predictive Marketing, The The 8 predictions marketers need today to transform the customer experience and optimize customer lifetime value.

Definitive Guide to Sharing Mobile Maps for Utilities, The Discover 5 ways mobile data collection can streamline the flow of data between field crews and headquarters.

Definitive Guide to the Leadership Behaviors that Create a Culture of Continuous Improvement, The Learn what you, as a leader, should be doing to create a culture of continuous improvement in your workplace.

Definitive Social SEO Guide Book, The Download the free social SEO Guide Book that will help understand the best ways to integrate your social media marketing and SEO efforts!

Definitive Worksheet to Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile Headline, The Consider it your bumper sticker or a shortened version of your elevator speech.

Deliver on the Promise of Big Data with Data Governance Download our free eBook to learn 5 steps to reap the rewards of big data through data governance.

Deliver Service with a Difference Learn how the next-generation hybrid presentation imager keeps checkout lines moving.

Delivering a Presentation: Developing Your Communication Skills This free eBook explains how to deliver your presentation in a way that will keep the audience engaged from the beginning to the final conclusion.

Delivering an Effortless Learning Experience Changes in technology and the way information is accessed has changed the way employees learn, resulting in the rise of the Digital Learner

Delivering Battle Tested and Approved Virtualization to the Front Lines via High-Performance Fibre Channel RAID Solutions Discover how the SecureTek and Dot Hill partnership offers the military next generation data center operations that never back down.

Delivering Business Value Through Secure Mobility Learn how to enhance the user experience on BYO or corporate devices, without compromising security.

Delivering Cross-Channel Digital Experiences at Scale Find out how commercial solutions such as e-Spirit's FirstSpirit can be very affordable and can often be implemented very quickly.

Delivering Enterprise Value with Service Management IDC's analysis of ServiceNow customers using the company's suite of cloud-based service management solutions demonstrates that these customers are creating substantial business value for both their IT operations and their business operations.

Delivering Revenue Through Thought Leadership It's amazing how much credibility is generated by a book, both for the author and for the content. Read the Who, What How, When, Where and Why of on-demand book publishing.

Demand Generation: Building a predictable marketing pipeline for sales success Here’s the question that keeps most Demand Gen professionals up at night: how can I transform marketing from a cost center to a revenue driver? Read this ebook from idio to learn the answer.

Demand Sensing: Achieving a step-change in a challenging planning environment Real-time data, algorithms and automation enable companies to accurately predict changes in demand and quickly respond to better serve customers, free cash flow, and improve planner productivity.

Demystifying 802.11ac As an IT professional, stay ahead of the curve and learn about the new 802.11ac Wi-Fi standard.

Demystifying The Cloud This 55 page guide explains the concepts of Cloud Computing in simple terms.

Demystifying the Payment Card Industry – Data Security Standard Learn the 12 requirements for compliance with the PCI Data Security Standard.

Demystifying Virtualization for Small Businesses Learn all about virtualization in this article; from the different types, to the benefits, and the strategies to implement a virtualization process for your small business.

Deploying IBM® Storwize® V7000 in VMware Environments IBM® System Storage® virtualization technologies enable clients to virtualize more systems, faster and with less storage than traditional legacy storage architectures.

Deploying Online Self-Service: The Definitive Guide If you're curious about getting online self-service right, but feeling like you “don't know what you don't know” our new guide is here to help.

Desarrollo de la Confianza del Cliente a Través de Experiencias Positivas en su Sitio Web La experiencia del cliente es un componente crítico de ADN corporativo de Continental. Vea como Tealeaf ayuda a la compañía a crear confianza y lealtad.

Design and Material Considerations for Belt Drive Hardware Choose the Right Sheaves, Sprockets, Bushings & Other Components for Your Application.

Design Crimes: How to Fix 12 Common Survey Mistakes Explore the common pitfalls of building a survey.

Design Crimes: How to Fix 12 Common Survey Mistakes There's a right way - and a lot of wrong ways - to build a survey.

Design Principles of Excel Dashboards and Reports Get yourself into a dashboard state of mind with these best practices.

Design-2-Part Magazine Specializes in helping OEM's take their product from design to part.

Designed to Protect and Save Lives Learn what to look for in flame resistant fabrics for your company's protective clothing program.

Designing an SMB Multi-Service Security Gateway Off-the-Shelf Building Blocks Accelerate Security Gateway Development Learn how building block components deliver a comprehensive solution for providing the functionality, performance and flexibility to support a family of SMB products.

Designing and Building an Open ITOA Architecture ExtraHop advocates an open approach to IT Operations Analytics (ITOA) that puts you in charge of how you collect, store, and analyze your data.

Designing Branch Solutions for Cloud Computing and Software as a Service In this on-demand webcast, you'll learn how to build distributed enterprise solutions that lower risks, cut costs and enhance the user experience.

Designing Drives for a Competitive Edge Field Retrofits Point the Way to Drive Designs that Save Time, Money and Energy.

Designing IP Addresses for Large Networks This white paper provides a simple-to-use tool for the IP address planning process.

Designing Quality Software: Architectural and Technical Best Practices This Refcard supports architects and developers in solving typical day-to-day issues that can negatively impact technical quality and software structure.

Designing the Great Web Self-Service Experience Customer Service Directors, find out how to design your site for usability, findability and relevance with this how-to guide.

Desktop Management: Getting It Right Learn the 10 reasons to consider Software As A Service.

Desktop Support & Management: Our Expertise is Your Advantage With Apptix, you can rely on advanced solutions.

Desktop Transformation What It Is, Why It Matters, and How to Get Started.

Desktop Virtualization: A Cost-Effective First Step For Creating a Virtualized Desktop Experience Anytime, Anywhere, Any Device Learn how CIOs and IT managers can use a virtual desktop to reduce budgets for desktop hardware, software and rising IT costs associated with managing them.

Desktop Virtualization: The SMB's Answer to Office Productivity For small and medium sized companies that have limited budgets and IT staff, desktop virtualization can be the answer.

Detecting and Surviving Seven Silent Growth Killers Take a quick glance into the growth killers that affect midsized businesses and learn how to avoid them.

Detecting Insider Threats How Splunk software is used to safeguard financial data.

Detecting the Enemy Inside the Network: How Tough Is It To Deal with APTs? Malware is bad but APTs are downright evil. Download this free white paper to find out how Trend Micro can protect you and your business against an evil insider.

Detecting the Enemy Inside the Network: How Tough Is It to Deal with APTs? A better understanding of targeted attacks can give security groups the correct mindset in dealing with these threats.

Determining Organizational Readiness to Support Employee-Owned Devices A guide for small to medium-sized business IT managers for developing a strategy for allowing access to corporate data and applications by employee-owned devices.

Determining the Best Keyword Strategies for Your SEO and SEM Campaigns Keywords are not just single word phrases anymore; they are growing and live lists full of robust combinations of core keywords plus many qualifiers.

Determining the Highest Value Leads How Splunk software helps to effectively convert sales leads into paying customers.

Determining the Need for an HRMS Solution Find out how a Web-based HRMS Solution can help make the most of your budget and less of staff.

Develop a Leadership Culture in Your Organization When an environment provides certain essential conditions, leaders are born.

Develop Great Content with the Content Planning Worksheet Use this worksheet to improve your content strategy & develop great content.

Developing a Mobile Wi-Fi Application - Case Study of the NCDOT Learn how database and synchronization technology enable a mobile Wi-Fi bridge inspection application used by the North Carolina Department of Transportation.

Developing a Winning Mobile Strategy: Playing Offense vs. Defense Mobility is the most disruptive tech wave ever. Build a strategy to meet it head on.

Developing an Account-Based Marketing Program This workbook is full of templates, instructions, meeting agendas, technology recommendations and more to convert potential into real achievements.

Developing an Information Strategy in the Financial Services Industry Five vital actions are essential steps in a well-executed information strategy in financial services: strategize, align, govern, execute, and optimize.

Developing And Cultivating Your Staff Your staff is the lifeblood of your organization. Here's how to leverage their talents and strengths, from their very first interactions with HR and beyond!

Developing Your Finance Skills -- Essential 5-Book Bundle Use the contents of this kit to help you understand financial reports and make more informed, intelligent decisions.

Developing Your Leadership Skills -- Essential 5-Book Bundle Use the contents of this bundle to help you understand team dynamic, choose the best leadership style and fix team performance problems.

DevOps Unlimited Migrates Its Clients' Enterprise Applications to the Cloud DevOps Unlimited needed to provide application infrastructure for a start-up client which was enjoying rapid growth with its new financial services product.

DevOps, Open Source and Business Agility - Lessons Learned from Early Adopters An IDC InfoBrief, sponsored by Red Hat.

DEX – The EDI Standard for Direct Store Delivery DEX is the EDI standard for the grocery industry. All vendors involved in Direct Store Delivery need to know the ins and outs of this powerful tool.

Diagnosing the cause of poor application performance Learn why having the right diagnostic tool can enable network professionals to quickly identify and resolve a problem.

Diagnosing the Cause of Poor Application Performance Outlines causes and explains why having the right diagnostic tool enables network professionals to quickly identify and resolve problems.

Dialed-up Distribution This video case study shows how combining Motorola mobile computers with adaptive voice directed software can reduce errors and boost productivity.

Did You Give Up On Your Resolutions Yet? The majority of us set New Year’s resolutions, knowing all along that we will more than likely quit just weeks after January 1st. We do it year after year and we watch the people around us do the same

Did You Know Fleet Management More Than Pays for Itself? Extend the life of your vehicles and help every aspect of your fleet operate more efficiently.

Digital Asset Management: The Three-Step Best Practice Model Help your organization keep up with the demand for “real-time” blockbuster content.

Digital Disruption: Have You Been Disrupted Yet? Look at the reality that is digital disruption and why it's happening, alongside who the digital disruptors are and why they're achieving success.

Digital Generation and the Enterprise IT Gap, The Discover what leading experts have to say about the new age of digital workers and the impact they will have on IT organizations.

Digital Marketing Fundamentals for Insurance Agents The ever-changing digital marketing landscape can be overwhelming for independent insurance agents. What works and what doesn’t? Where should you spend your limited resources? Perhaps the best method

Digital Media and Gaming Company Protects Cloud-based Apps and Services on AWS In anticipation of a major product launch, this online gaming company decided to host its e-commerce applications on Amazon Web Services (AWS), rather than invest significant time and money upgrading physical data centers.

Digital Metrics Playbook: Measuring your Online Branding Strategies This book will change the mental model you bring to the analytics game, teach you to do more with data and help you create a data-driven organization.

Digital Revolution for Telecom Operators, The Transformation has begun for all telecommunication players and customers are aggressively shaping the change. Here you will find insights into the challenges & opportunities that this change presents

Digital Revolution, The Transformation has begun for all digital services players and customers are aggressively shaping the change. Here you will find insights into the challenges and opportunities that this change presents

Digital Signage Hardware The foundation of any digital signage system is its hardware.

Digital Signage Solutions-One Size Does Not Fit All Learn how tailored signage solutions deliver superior results and lower total cost of ownership for the healthcare, education, hospitality and entertainment markets.

Digital Visitor Registration eKit For Schools Make your front desk delightful and enjoy the new standard for visitor registration.

Digitizing the Extended Supply Chain: How to Survive and Thrive The digital economy is upending all industries and processes, placing a premium on speed, customer satisfaction, personalized products, and collaboration.

Dillard's Inc. Uses Xerox Office Document Assessment Learn how your business can save substantial time and money while increasing accuracy and efficiencies.

Disaster Prevention: Preparing for the Worst This backup and recovery guide offers best practice articles to help your system and organization survive.

Disaster Recovery as a Service - Peace of Mind with Secure, Cost-Effective Business Continuity Learn the benefits of a cloud-based disaster recovery system.

Disaster Recovery as a Service: Attitudes & Adoption Report The Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) market is heating up. In fact, it's on pace to become a $12 billion market by 2020.

Discipline and Performance Issues Forms When you’re having discipline and performance issues, use these forms to guide you.

Disciplined Dreaming - A Proven System to Drive Breakthrough Creativity Learn the 5-step methodology of disciplined dreaming in this concise yet informational book summary.

Discover Experience Marketing Learn what's next for digital marketing and why you should embrace it.

Discover Huge Gains in Cost and People Savings Accelerate onboarding, improve training and increase employee engagement.

Discover the Fast and Low Risk Way to Integrate Enterprise Applications Most application integration solutions fall short at the last mile of integration: integrating with business-critical enterprise applications running on mainframe and midrange systems (IBM i, UNIX).

Discover What's Behind Network Downtime? Learn about the major causes and effects of network downtime, and how enterprises are finally addressing the complexity that leads to human errors.

Discovering Savings with Enterprise Software Support Services How TomorrowNow provided Tropical Shipping with cost and time savings while improving enterprise software support, and reduced company strain.

Discovering the Unknown: Reducing the Risk of Unauthorized Access to Enterprise Applications and Resources Learn how to maintain an appropriate security posture, prevent unauthorized access and minimize your organization's exposure to risk.

Discovering Vulnerable Web Applications Learn how to protect your organization from breaches to your web applications.

Discovery Readiness: A Roadmap for Successful Planning and Collection Is your record management program discovery-ready?

Discovery-Ready Enterprise III: Taking Steps to Be Proactively Prepared, The This report spotlights key actions that corporations and law firms are taking in order to reap the advantages of being a discovery-ready enterprise.

Disk-based Backup & Recovery: Making Sense of Your Options Learn about several methods for incorporating disk into your backup and recovery environment.

Display Ad Clickers Are Not Your Customers We're all familiar with the usefulness of search engines to answer a specific or immediate need for information online. And because consumers expect to click to find what they're looking for, click measurement is typically an effective metric for evaluating the success of search campaigns.

Display Advertising Playbook: A Game Plan For Marketers, The Over the past few years, we've seen advertisers increase their display ad spend to reach more customers online, where they spend the majority of their time.

Display of Power: How FUBU Changed a World of Fashion, Branding and Lifestyle - FREE eBook! (Usually $8.99) An inspiring story for young people in business.

Displaying your Physical Products and Delivering a Compelling Customer Trade Show Experience Learn how Marketers use Interactive Product Demonstrations to engage and excite!

Dissolving Distance: Silver Peak's Technology Overview What is the secret sauce of WAN Optimization (WAN Op)? First time users are always amazed at the performance results.

Dive Into Python--Free 328 Page eBook Python from novice to pro

Diversify and Grow Your Agency As an agency principal, it is a challenge to maintain and grow your business. The challenges come in many forms: soft markets, direct insurance sales competitors, and changing goverment regulations.

Do's and Don'ts of Credit Card Processing This free guide offers credit card processing tips and gets you connected with reputable credit card processing vendors to receive custom, no obligation quotes via phone & email. Merchants have saved thousands off their processing using these techniques.

Do's and Don'ts of Search Engine Optimization Examine the proper techniques of Search Engine Optimization as well as which ones to avoid.

Do's and Don'ts of Workplace Health and Wellbeing Programs, The Organizations competing for business and talent need to optimize the engagement, health and performance of their workforce. But few know how to align engagement metrics to ROI in order to provide a value proposition to executives and business stakeholders.

Do's and Don'ts: Embedding Open Source BI in Mission Critical Applications Insider tips to evaluate Open Source Business Intelligence and more easily find a solution to meet your needs.

Docker in Production Pull all the pieces together so you can start using Docker in your production environments and feel comfortable doing so.

Doctorate in Law & Policy: Real Impact, Real Results Decide today to obtain the knowledge, skills, and credentials to take your career to the highest level.

Document Capture and Integration for Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 Automate business processes by capturing documents, associated metadata and integrating with SharePoint.

Document Process Management: The Case for an Integrated Lifecycle Approach Learn how you can manage enterprise information and evidentiary records in a well documented and consistent manner, while reducing costs and increasing productivity.

Document Process Management: The Case for an Integrated Lifecycle Approach How outsourcing DPM maximizes the utility of documents as critical business assets and minimizes document related risks.

Does IT Matter Research Kit - Includes a Free $8.50 Book Summary Download this kit to learn everything you need to know about IT.

Does Your Content Meet Google's Expectations for Quality? Surely you have heard the trending phrase “content is king.” Now, more than ever, this is a rule to live by.

Does Your Content Meet Google's Expectations for Quality? Surely you have heard the trending phrase “content is king.” Now, more than ever, this is a rule to live by.

Does Your Workplace Pass the Freshness Test? Take this self-audit to find out if your organization is pushing hard enough to keep the experience of working there fresh and open to innovation.

Doing More with Less: How Red Hat Enterprise Linux Shrinks Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) Compared to Windows IT organizations face the constant challenge of juggling two almost opposing priorities: continuously delivering business-critical application services while keeping IT expenses in line with budget constraints.

Dominate Your Social Media Marketing This Holiday Season Turn your social media followers into devoted customers with the help of this complimentary guide.

Don't Fish with Dynamite: What Fishing Can Teach you About Content Marketing This ebook features an eye-opening look at how understanding a fisherman's approach to catching fish will teach content marketers how to create, distribute and capture leads from compelling content.

Don't Gamble with Your Company's Future: Protect Your Google Apps Learn the top 5 threats to your Google Apps data - and what to do about them.

Don't Get Spooked By Holiday Marketing Don't let holiday marketing "creep" up on you unprepared

Don't Just Do Something, Stand There! -- An 85 Page Excerpt This practical guide details ten key principles that will profoundly change the way you think about, organize, and lead the meetings that matter most.

Don't Look Now but the SEC is Coming and it's Your Data that it Wants Learn how Estorian can facilitate the search and retrieval of relevant electronic information quickly and concisely.

Don't Take 'No' From a Prospect. Learn How To Capture Interest Through Sales Development. Learn how to build a high-performing Sales Development team that focuses on outbound prospecting to reach buyers.

Don't Whine About LinkedIn's Changes-Capitalize on Them! Are you being a Debbie Downer about your new LinkedIn profile? Change can be hard.

Dos and Don'ts of Trust-Based Networking, The When you practice these trust-based networking skills, the benefits will come naturally.

Dos and Don'ts on Public WiFi When Traveling Abroad, The Using public Wi-Fi can pose a number of cyber security risks when traveling abroad. Here are some tips to ensure maximum safety for frequent travelers.

Download Special Report on High Definition And Traditional Video Conferencing Never has there been a more exciting time to leverage the power of videoconferencing than now. With the wider availability and lower costs of high definition displays and IP networks, high definition video communications has arrived and can benefit everyone.

Downtime and Data Loss: How Much Can You Afford? Learn the importance of establishing recovery time and recovery point objectives when planning a business continuity strategy.

Dreamweaver CS3 - Free Quick Reference Card This Dreamweaver CS3 Quick Reference provides shortcuts, tips, and tricks for the popular web design software.

Dreamweaver CS6 Mobile and Web Development with HTML5, CSS3, and jQuery Mobile--Free 26 Page Excerpt Dreamweaver is the most powerful and industry-leading web design software that utilizes cutting edge web technologies such as HTML5, CSS3, and jQuery for web and mobile development.

Drive Acquisition, Retention, and Innovation in the Financial Industry Using Customer Feedback Learn how authentic customer feedback helps card issuers, online and retail banks, insurance companies, and credit unions drive sales, loyalty, and lifetime customer value - while remaining compliant with industry regulations.

Drive Better Business Outcomes with Embedded Communications Improve business outcomes by embedding real-time communications into business applications.

Drive More Value from Your IT Assets Learn what IT professionals can do to manage all of the outdated service management systems scattered throughout their enterprise.

Drive Sales Results with an Outsourced Sales Support Solution We’re confident that we can help boost the productivity and efficiency of your core sales team, in addition to revving up your bottom line. Outsourcing your sales support is the best move you can make

Drive Site Redesign Success The Keys to Preventing Costly Site Failures and Achieving the ROI You Expect.

Driving a Culture of Employee Recognition Any organization committed to recruiting and retaining top talent must learn the art of appreciating top talent.

Driving a Data-centric Culture: The Leadership Challenge Embrace data as a corporate asset and source of competitive advantage.

Driving AdWords Leads In Salesforce and How to Measure Results This guide will help Salesforce users learn how to set up an AdWords campaign and track ROI data.

Driving Business with Continuous Operational Intelligence The role of Information Technology (IT) is changing. Gone are the days when IT can be viewed as a necessary evil or as simply a “cost center.” Today, IT is widely recognized as a valuable business-enabling necessity.

Driving Education Enrollment through Agile Content Management Discover how to reach the right prospective students through your website.

Driving Efficiencies in AP Workflow with Invoice Automation Learn the benefits of AP automation.

Driving Efficiencies in AP Workflow with Invoice Automation for Higher Education Learn how the University of San Francisco became more efficient through AP automation.

Driving eMarketing Performance With the Right Platforms, People, and Processes This report will highlight where and how marketing solution investments are improving marketing campaign effectiveness and outcomes.

Driving Employee Engagement in Healthcare Employee engagement is essential to building a world-class healthcare organization. Recognizing employees not only inspires excellence and increases happiness, it helps drive patient satisfaction and reduces turnover.

Driving Profitability with Enterprise Project Management Learn how to increase productivity and drive your company's profitability by adopting an Enterprise approach to project management.

Driving Revenue through Customer Relevance Aligning the CMO and CIO to achieve agile intelligent marketing.

Driving Strategic Value from CAD/CAM Technology: An IT Executive's Guide Computer-Aided Design and Manufacturing (CAD/CAM) requires powerful solutions to enable maximum productivity. Learn how the right hardware investments can deliver this value.

Driving Value Learn how PepsiCo's Transportation Experts Save Costs and Create a New Revenue Stream.

Driving Workforce Productivity with Unified Communications: The Path to Fixed / Mobile Convergence Aberdeen's research shows that Unified Communications (UC) solutions -- both fixed and mobile -- have a measurable impact on the productivity of an organization's workforce.

Drone Wars: How UAV Tech Is Transforming the Future of War By downloading this free guide, you agree to receive regular updates on the latest cool apps, product reviews, and giveaways from MakeUseOf.

Drowning in Quick(Books) Sand? It's time to accept that QuickBooks can no longer support the needs of your fast-growing organization.

Dude! You Say I Need an Application Layer Firewall?! Written by security expert Marcus J. Ranum, this paper includes fundamental lessons about building firewalls, technical examples, and future predictions.

Duo Security's Guide to Securing Patient Data: Breach Prevention Doesn't Have to Be Brain Surgery Learn more about how to prevent a potential attack on patient data.

Dynamic Access Control: Beyond Classic NTFS Permissions Discover how Dynamic Access Control in Windows Server 2012 lets you manage access to documents in ways that go beyond classic NTFS file system permissions.

Dynamic Scheduling in Enterprise Workload Automation This white paper describes how you can get the most value out of your existing infrastructure with just-in-time processing and dynamic scheduling.

Dynamic Video Collaboration in SharePoint Driven by the adoption of social collaboration tools and video applications for employees, today's SharePoint managers are under more pressure than ever before to deliver on the promise of dynamic video collaboration.

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