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Gaining Competitive Advantage Through Digital Appearance Technology In The Automotive Interior Supply Chain High quality design and color harmony lend a competitive advantage in today's automotive industry. Now more than ever, brand image is a key element for OEM's to differentiate themselves from competitors in an industry increasingly faced with multi-faceted challenges such as globalization and shorter product life cycles.

Galaxy S5: How the Heart-Rate Monitor Compares to Other Devices The Galaxy S5 is the first phone to have a built-in heart-rate monitor.

Game Has Changed: Disk-based Backup is Now More Viable than Ever, The Learn about several disk-based backup architectures and the pros and cons of each.

Gamification: Delivering Winning Social Customer Experiences Download this White Paper, and learn how the introduction of gaming dynamics into online social experiences can reap enormous benefits for brands.

GAO Cost Guide and Compliance – Controlling Costs and Risk, The Government Program Managers need to assess their cost estimating and management practices to assure they are in line with the Cost Assessment Guide. Are you Ready?

Gartner 2015 Magic Quadrant for Identity Governance and Administration Discover more about the 2015 Gartner Magic Quadrant IGA report.

Gas Hauler Drives Efficiency with Mobile Printers & PCs Discover How Mobile Technology Saved One Chicago Transportation Company Nearly $3,500 Per Week.

Gates V-Belts: Engineered for Performance Not All Belts Are Created Equal.

Gauging Green Opportunities: Taking Sustainable Building to a New Level Learn how your organization can maximize operational efficiency while promoting a sustainable built environment.

Gaylord Palms Resort and Convention Center Learn how this convention center uses Xirrus Wi-Fi to deliver a fulfilling guest experience.

Gear Up for Success: 8 Steps to Get Sales & Marketing Cranking in Unison -- Free 27 Page eBook Without alignment between sales and marketing, organizations can't operate at their full potential.

Geek Out 3: Geek out on the Cloud-Based Infrastructure of Google Apps Learn how Google's global, multi-tenant infrastructure meets the demands of today's Internet generation, and how your business can benefit from increased service levels, enhanced security and sustained economies of scale.

Generating New Revenue and Driving Growth: Eight Defining Technology Choices for Business Leaders Today's media outlets and professional prognosticators are all a-twitter about how predictive analytics, SoLoMo (Social, Location, and Mobile), big data, unstructured data, cloud computing, and other innovative concepts are changing business.

Generation of Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells A step-by-step guide on how to generate iPS cells. This white paper was written in collaboration with Dr. Ryan M. Walsh and Dr. Konrad Hochedlinger of the Harvard Stem Cell Institute.

Get a Real ROI From Social in 5 Steps Struggling to prove social ROI? The Bazaarvoice white paper, Get a Real ROI From Social in 5 Steps shows you how the world's most successful brands and retailers are capturing results and proving true social ROI.

Get Found Faster with the SEO & Keyword Worksheet Use this worksheet to improve your website's ability to be found via search engines.

Get Healthy - Together: The Impact of Social Networks on Employee Health Discover how social media has created a new conversation in employee health programs.

Get into Google+ By downloading this free guide, you agree to receive regular updates on the latest cool apps, product reviews, and giveaways from MakeUseOf.

Get Paid More and Promoted Faster - 21 Great Ways to Get Ahead in Your Career (FREE Excerpt) Adhere to the strategies used by the highest paid people in our society and make yourself more valuable to your company.

Get Serious About SOA Governance: A 5-Step Action Plan for Architects Build an airtight yet flexible governance plan to avoid risk and get the most out of SOA investment.

Get Smart: Advanced Analytics Applied to Big Data Examine organizations that leverage advanced analytics and big data capabilities to generate insight in the C-suite and at the line of business.

Get Smarter About Your Workforce with Analytics Organizations are quickly adopting business analytics to drive sales, increase marketing impact, personalize customer experiences and more. But a growing number of businesses are also turning those analytic capabilities inward, applying big data approaches to managing their most important resources: people.

Get Started with GLBA and FFIEC Compliance How to build effective risk assessment processes in banks and credit unions.

Get Started With HTML5! By downloading this free guide, you agree to receive regular updates on the latest cool apps, product reviews, and giveaways from MakeUseOf.

Get the Facts on How AIX and System I /Unix Platform Users Solve Downtime Challenges to Manufacturing and Supply Chain Operations AIX and System I /Unix Platform Users: Learn how your organization can minimize or eliminate planned downtime and free up specific, measurable potential to support your productivity and profitability strategies.

Get the Facts: Real-Time, On-Demand Information for Business Intelligence and Data Integration Learn how to simplify data integration strategies in order to achieve faster, better, more scalable performance with less administration, cost and specialized expertise.

Get the most from Mid-Market Supply Chain BI without a hefty price tag Without careful planning, BI can end up as another failed technology that never delivers on its promise, but still sticks you with the bill. This checklist provides 4 key steps to avoiding that fate.

Get There Early: Sensing the Future to Compete in the Present (A 98 Page Excerpt) Offers a proven approach for making sense out of future challenges and devising positive responses, using methods developed by the respected Institute for the future.

Get to the Inbox: 10 Top Tips to Maximize Your Email Delivery It's estimated that 70% of all email is spam - not just unwelcome promotional messages, but phishing scams, hoaxes and digital viruses too. So Internet Service Providers take precautions to limit the amount of spam email that their customers receive.

Get Your Free Education Guide Today! Discover the path to your dreams with our Free Education Guide! Jam-packed with helpful tips, advice, and insight into the college admissions process, you will receive all the information you need to find the right college, ace your applications, and make the most of your college experience.

Getting a Head Start in Software Asset Management This white paper will help IT Professionals save money for their organization with a smart Software Asset Management (SAM) initiative.

Getting a Seat at the IT Table: Service Steps Up Learn how leading firms are looking to collaborate and align their initiatives and strategies with IT management.

Getting Closer to the Customer: A Challenge for the C-Suite Getting Closer to the Customer is an Economist Intelligence Unit report which examines how the dialogue between customers and companies has changed in response to the advent of new communication channels such as social media and mobile.

Getting Engaged - A Quick Guide Engagement is the emotional connection employees have to their organization.

Getting in Sync with Mobile Customers: The Mandate for Real-Time Relevance in a Connected World Learn how to capitalize on marketing’s big mobile opportunity.

Getting Onboard with Onboarding Businesses that do a good job of onboarding have higher engagement and retention rates than those that don't, and it doesn't take long for new hires to decide whether or not they're going to stick around.

Getting Started in Digital Asset Management (DAM) Embark on a journey to implement “digital asset management” software and start improving your marketing efforts today.

Getting Started with Apache Hadoop This Refcard presents a basic blueprint for applying MapReduce to solving large-scale, unstructured data processing problems by showing how to deploy and use an Apache Hadoop computational cluster.

Getting Started With Arduino: A Beginner's Guide By downloading this free guide, you agree to receive regular updates on the latest cool apps, product reviews, and giveaways from MakeUseOf.

Getting Started with Cloud Computing Web applications have always been deployed on servers connected to what is now deemed the ‘cloud’. But demands and technology used on such servers has changed substantially in recent years.

Getting Started with Git Find out what sets Git apart from the more traditional, centralized version controls systems and how it can work for you.

Getting Started with Internet Explorer Mobile Free Chapter from Microsoft SharePoint 2010 Enterprise Applications on Windows Phone 7!

Getting Started with Java EE Security This Refcard will provide you with an in-depth introduction to Java EE Security, which supports a fine set of security functionalities in the specification level.

Getting Started With jQuery Selectors This DZone Refcard covers everything you need to know in the world of jQuery selectors, including basic CSS selectors, custom jQuery selectors, matched set methods, hot tips, and more.

Getting Started with Kanban for Software Development An introduction to Kanban and how it can be used for Software Development. Learn about the Kanban Method and topics such as coordination practices, emergent behaviors, prioritization and more.

Getting Started with Lean Software Development This reference card will get you started with Lean Software Development. You’ll get information from industry experts including the seven principles of Lean Software Development.

Getting Started with OpenHAB Home Automation on Raspberry Pi By downloading this free guide, you agree to receive regular updates on the latest cool apps, product reviews, and giveaways from MakeUseOf.

Getting Started with Oracle Data Integrator 11g: A Hands-On Tutorial--Free 35 Page Excerpt Oracle Data Integrator (ODI) is Oracle's strategic data integration platform for high-speed data transformation and movement between different systems.

Getting Started with Oracle Hyperion Planning 11--Free 41 Page Excerpt Oracle Hyperion Planning is one of the many products in the Oracle Enterprise Performance Management software suite, an industry-leading Business Intelligence software package.

Getting Started With Rails There are many things involved in creating a complicated web application.

Getting Started with Social Media An introduction to social media concepts, tools and program building.

Getting Started with SQL Server 2008 R2 - Free Chapter Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 Administration Cookbook Getting Started with SQL Server 2008 R2, begins with SQL Server 2008 R2 version's new features and enhancements such as master data services, data-tier applications, and adding the service pack features using Slipstream technology.

Getting Started with Ubuntu 10.10 This 158 Page Guide will cover the basics of Ubuntu 10.10 (such as installation and working with the desktop) as well as guide you through some of the most popular applications.

Getting Started with Ubuntu 12.04 This 143 Page guide will cover the basics of Ubuntu 12.04 (such as installation and working with the desktop) as well as guide you through some of the most popular applications.

Getting Started with Ubuntu 12.10 This 143 Page guide will cover the basics of Ubuntu 12.10 (such as installation and working with the desktop) as well as guide you through some of the most popular applications.

Getting Started With Ubuntu 13.10 This is a simple simple to follow, with step-by-step instructions and plenty of screenshots, allowing you to discover the potential of your new Ubuntu system.

Getting Started with Ubuntu 14.04 Become familiar with everyday tasks such as surfing the web, listening to music and scanning documents.

Getting Started with Ubuntu 14.04 Second Edition This guide covers the basics of Ubuntu, as well as hardware and software management, working with command line, and security.

Getting Started: Removing Administrator Rights & Setting up Policies to Elevate Privileges Moving to a least privileges endpoint environment? Review this on-demand webcast that outlines a step-by-step approach for this project.

Getting Started: Your Guide to Windows 8 By downloading this free guide, you agree to receive regular updates on the latest cool apps, product reviews, and giveaways from MakeUseOf.

GETTING SUCCESSFUL WITH MARKETING AUTOMATION With the release of “The Definitive Guide to Marketing Automation”, Marketo once again demonstrates its understanding of the market and what businesses need to know about marketing automation. They provide a great illustration of how content and lead generation play a significant role in the effectiveness of a platform. “If marketing automation is the rocket, then content and lead flow are the fuel.”

Getting That Job! Everything you need to land your dream job.

Giant Book of Form Optimization, The Your everything guide to online forms.

Gigaom Analyst Report: The Power of Hadoop as a Service From Gigaom Research, important considerations before deploying Hadoop on premises.

GIS and EAM/CMMS for the Public Sector: Join Power and Flexibility Learn how to integrate Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) to access data- for the public sector.

Giving Proper Credit: Data-Driven Digital Marketing & Attribution What is attribution management, and why does it matter for your marketing?

Glasshole or Not? 7 Urgent Ethical Dilemmas for Wearable Tech Should I be able to wear digital glasses everywhere I go?

Global Asset Sustainability: Breakthrough Lean Best Practice Counters Rising Energy Costs In this white paper get an insightful look at how companies that establish a strategy and global approach with a new lean practice improve operating, financial, and environmental performance.

Global Finance Has been providing monthly news and analysis since 1987 about companies and financial institutions that do business around the world.

Global Financial Services Company Protects Their Email Infrastructure with Google Message Security Learn more about how Standard Charter Bank protects over 70,000 users in 70 countries with Google Message Security solution.

Global Price and Margin Management Not only can price management add significant value, it can often deliver it faster, at a lower cost, and with less risk than supply chain and cost reduction initiatives that promise to deliver comparable value.

Global Workforce Management: Trends and Strategies for US Manufacturers Improve your global competitiveness by employing these best practices for workforce management.

Gmail Cheat Sheet With this cheat sheet you will receive daily updates in your email for free, courtesy of Make Tech Easier.

GNU/Linux Advanced Administration, The The GNU/Linux systems have reached an important level of maturity, allowing to integrate them in almost any kind of work environment, from a desktop PC to the sever facilities of a big company.

GNU/Linux Basic This guide will introduce you to the world of GNU/Linux.

Going 'Hands On' At the US Army Virtual Reality Game Studio By downloading this free guide, you agree to receive regular updates on the latest cool apps, product reviews, and giveaways from MakeUseOf.

Going Green With Content Management Learn how moving towards Electronic Content Management can improve employee productivity, reduce paper, printing, and storage costs, increase security and integrate all of your business processes.

Going Green: How Environmentally Conscious Practices and Products Present a Profitable Future Today Learn how your enterprise can improve its efficiency and reduce costs, through strategic business planning within its supply chain and asset management.

Good Architecture and Security The Good(TM) wireless handheld computing system provides end-to-end security across three critical links.

Good Mobile Intranet Technical Overview Explore how Good Mobile Intranet delivers access to mission critical systems.

Good Mobile Messaging Learn how handheld and mobile application technologies are changing the way that companies, employees and customers conduct business. These technologies can improve business processes in such areas as sales, service, marketing and logistics. Improvements in these areas yield real ROI.

Good Push Index In Urban Airship's third and most expansive Good Push Index data study (examining more than 2,400 apps and 500 million push notifications), we reveal how push messaging influences mobile app users' behavior, measuring both engagement and retention over a six-month period.

Good Push Index, The In our third and most expansive Good Push Index data study (examining more than 2,400 apps and 500 million push notifications), we reveal how push messaging influences mobile app users' behavior, measuring both engagement and retention over a six-month period.

Good, The Great And The Positives of Selecting The Right Telemarketing Company, The Widely used by businesses of all size, telemarketing services promote goods and services, generate leads, set appointments, conduct market research, and build lasting customer relationships.

Google Apps Admins: Get Peace of Mind Learn how to protect your Google Apps domain with this 13-step game plan.

Google BigQuery Analytics -- Free Sample Chapter How to effectively use BigQuery, avoid common mistakes, and execute sophisticated queries against large datasets

Google Chrome Cheat Sheet With this cheat sheet you will receive daily updates in your email for free, courtesy of Make Tech Easier.

Google Glass vs. Smartphone: Which is Faster? While Google Glass may make you look like a cyborg, the truth is that it’s essentially a wearable smartphone.

Google Hummingbird - The Marketer's Guide Hummingbird is the most dramatic change that the Google search algorithm has seen in well over a decade.

Google Message Continuity Complete email continuity and disaster recovery solution in one package.

Google vs The World: The Battle of the Message Security Vendors With such a powerful name behind it, Google Message Security stands out in a sea of products that do exactly the same thing - or so they say. So when it comes right down to it, how does the Google selection stack up against the rest of messaging security's big guns?

Google's Universal Search for Universities Learn how to enhance information access and improve productivity for students, faculty and staff with Google's universal search solutions.

GPS Fleet Tracking - Why So Vital? Knowing where your drivers are at all times enables you to meet customer needs more efficiently. GPS fleet tracking enables companies to quickly locate and dispatch the nearest employee to fulfill customer requests for service as quickly as possible.

GPS Fleet Tracking: Selecting a Remote Monitoring System GPS fleet tracking software enables business managers to measure, evaluate and assess critical business components that impact the effectiveness of their operation.

GPS Tracking of Company Vehicles: The Complete Reference Guide GPS vehicle tracking has gained popularity in many segments of the business world. Two main reasons account for this increase in popularity: a maturing technology with falling prices, and the desire for increased employee productivity.

GPS World Is looked to for continuous innovation in delivery of the freshest, most comprehensive GPS/GNSS-related news to high-level corporate managers, project and engineering managers, product designers, researchers, and system developers.

Gravy Train or Train Wreck? Which Leadership Train Are You On? If a team is a train, the leader is the conductor. So, given that you’re the conductor guiding your company around the next series of blind corners, exactly what kind of train are you running?

Graylists: A Powerful Way to Simplify Desktop Security Tired of self-destructive desktop users downloading software? This whitepaper explains how to ensure only approved software is allowed to run and unwanted software is banned on all desktops.

Great Mobile User Experience: It's All About Your Audience Great user experience captures mobile users right out of the gate instead of losing them forever.

Great Video Conferencing Debate: Cost Vs. Quality, The With new video conferencing solutions available for small and medium businesses, it is possible to have a higher standard of video conferencing without the quality issues presented by consumer products. Are these higher quality business grade solutions worth the higher cost, or do savings from consumer grade versions justify their lower quality?

Green Computing Beyond The Datacenter Discover how to lower computer energy costs by reducing workstation power consumption without impacting user productivity.

Greening Your Organization and It's Supply - Distribution Chains A Practical Guide to Developing a Corporate Sustainability Strategy.

Gridstore: Scalable, Powerful and Affordable Storage for VM Backups VM backup is a key advantage of a virtualized environment.

Ground Support Worldwide Is the only publication serving the entire global ground support market.

Ground Up Strategies for Asset Performance Management The productivity of assets is essential to an organization's success. Maintenance of your company's assets can dramatically impact the overall performance of your operations.

Grow From the Right Intro Partnerships and alliances often fail, but are essential to business success. This report examines strategies and best practices for business partner matching and opportunity sourcing.

Grow Your Customer Base: Cut Your Customer Reference Program Make the grass greener on your side.

Growing Importance of E-Discovery on Your Business, The Explores the challenges e-discovery presents to IT departments, and guidelines for how IT managers can be prepared.

Growing Risks Of Insurance Providers Failing To Protect Personal Identity, The Every interaction, every communication, every touch point creates a digital breadcrumb that can put people at greater risk of identity theft.

Growing Your Business in the Modern Economy Six venture capitalists weigh in.

Growth Hackers Wake Up Call, The How Growth Hacking Rewrote Marketing's Best Practices

Grumpy Programmer's Guide To Building Testable PHP Applications, The Learn how to create testable code from a grumpy programmer.

Guerrilla Marketer's Guide to Understanding Online Marketing Tools, The This white paper explains and evaluates a variety of online marketing tools for the guerilla marketer to drive results through digital channels.

Guide Every Job Seeker Should Read, The When it comes to finding -- and scoring -- that coveted new job, you can never be too informed. Here, the insight and strategies that'll put you over the top and on your way to career success!

Guide to Fleet Telematics Systems The term telematics combines the words telecommunications and informatics. Telematics is an integration of wireless communications, vehicle monitoring systems and location tracking devices.

Guide to GPS Fleet Tracking Software You should definitely know where your vehicles are for a variety of legal, logistical, and asset-protection reasons.

Guide to KDE: The Other LINUX Desktop By downloading this free guide, you agree to receive regular updates on the latest cool apps, product reviews, and giveaways from MakeUseOf.

Guide to Product Launch Programs for the Saas Business This guide will give you a step by step process for each phase within the launch.

Guide to SEO: In-House vs. Outsourced Get insight on both SEO done in-house or outsourced to see which option makes best sense for your business.

Guide to Social IT Basics Learn why socially enabled support inevitably leads to enhanced IT productivity and efficiency as well as more satisfied end users.

Guide to the Multi-Channel Customer Experience Learn how to close the gap between your company website and contact center.

Guide to Troubleshooting Application Problems Learn 5 key steps to successful Network Application Troubleshooting.

Guide: IP Telephony Network Evaluation and Risk Assessment Learn how to perform an evaluation of your network capabilities and potential impact to your business prior to engaging with vendors on a solution.

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