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A Question: Why Is It So Tough to Sell and What to Do About It?

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"A Question: Why Is It So Tough to Sell and What to Do About It?" A White Paper Series (Part I of III) PART I: THE BUYING SIDE

Explores the 'buy side' of selling and current impact on the buying process and the buyers. Part I of a three-part series.

The buying cycle for complex sales is now 22% longer than it was five years ago.

In an attempt to improve sales results, companies often focus on improving internal processes — tactics that shorten sales cycles, more effective use of CRM and closer alignment of sales and marketing. However, few organizations spend the time to fully understand the buying cycle of their prospects.

This first in a three-part series explores recent changes in the buying process and covers topics that you and your sales people need to know, including:
  • The growing importance of the purchasing department
  • The impact of better informed buyers
  • The differences between the sales process and the buying process
So don't wait, download the white paper and learn what your sales people can do to accelerate the sales cycle.

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